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You are so much more than your current situation. The story of your life has something to teach you. Are you ready to step fully into your optimal truly human life?

Packages & Athlete Plans

Most approaches to athlete's nutrition and training include strict regimens of calorie counting, over-training, over-emphasis on body image, under-emphasis on recovery and sleep, and a lack of spiritual support. Although there is time and place for utilizing these approaches, I am dedicated to creating a disciplined program to match the athlete's training calendar and peak performance goals while simultaneously considering balance and longevity.  

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Nutrition Counceling


The key to an agile body and optimal nutrition is being as disciplined in your recovery time and sleep as you are with your workouts.

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Spiritual Well-being 

Spirituality as a firm component of good mental and physical health! Most athletes would agree that their sport alone is a spiritual journey. With this in mind, to optimize their inner confidence and resilience, each athlete needs a special form of regular spiritual practices - yes, even the child athlete!

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If you’re not taking care of your relationships, your creativity, and your spiritual life, it does not really matter if you eat healthy everyday. You will still be out of balance.  Look at the whole picture because health equals balance. 

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